The Terrible Record of Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce has served in the US House of Representatives for many years, but instead of representing New Mexico interests, he's only represented the corporate interests of his donors.

Trumpcare (HR1628) - Pearce voted for Trumpcare, a proposal by the House to end insurance coverage for millions of Americans so that wealthy people can get a tax cut.

HR 10 - Pearce voted for the Financial CHOICE Act, which effectively gives banks the choice of screwing their customers. This "Wall Street-first" bill repeals many consumer and market protections designed to prevent dangerous trading that led to economic collapses in the past. This bill once again allows Wall Street and big banks to play fast and loose with our savings to make themselves more money.

HR 3003 - Pearce supported a bill to impose federal mandates on local law enforcement regarding immigration. Instead of addressing the serious problems with our immigration system in America, Pearce has chosen to add fuel to the racial fires already ablaze in our country. This bill forces local law enforcement to waste their own limited resources pursuing and detaining suspected undocumented immigrants. Many New Mexicans know and are immigrants, and this bill is racist fear-mongering.

HR 3004 - Pearce also supported "Kate's Law", another racist fear-mongering bill designed to give the impression all undocumented immigrants are automatically violent criminals. The bill would raise minimum criminal sentencing for undocumented immigrants previously deported, ignoring the fact that we have a broken immigration system that is tearing families apart.

HR 1430 - Pearce co-sponsored a bill to severely weaken the EPA's ability to quickly protect Americans from new dangers and threats. As an example, if a private company conducts a study suggesting its business practices are poisoning the local water supply, the EPA is not allowed to act on that information in any way. Instead it must wait until more research is done, while keeping the harmful effects a secret from the American people. By the time the EPA would be able to act, if at all, many people could already have been poisoned and even killed.

HJ Res 38 - Pearce voted to repeal a rule protecting streams from being dumping grounds of industry, particularly the coal industry. This would allow coal companies to let their harmful waste fall into streams without any responsibility to warn the public or clean up after themselves. This is a simple matter of the public health subsidizing the profits of the energy industry.

HR 7 - Pearce co-sponsored an anti-abortion bill that takes federal funding away from clinics which provide the service. This jeopardizing the health and well-being of many women, essentially taking a very personal choice away from them. Women's clinics and reproductive health clinics are vital to decreasing unwanted pregnancies, STDs and ultimately abortions. In Texas, abortion rates have recently increased after defunding Planned Parenthood.